Who is Alain Hague?

Digging into Charles Richter’s past, we keep coming across references to another man: Alain Hague, Charles’s boss and a Senior Executive at J&D Consulting. We’ve been told by multiple sources (including Mr. White) that Alain was killed in the Stadium Island explosion. Okay — we’ll assume, for the sake of simplicity, they are correct. What’s unclear, though, is why Mr. Hague has been left without a spot on his name when it was him who hired Charles and worked just as closely on the construction of the doomed stadium as Richter himself.

I had Jessica Channing, our research intern, do some digging into Alain (I’m tired, and research is hard). Her findings were mundane. Alain comes (came) from a rich British family, an only child with a multitude of political ties and a brief stint as a diplomat to Austria. For the most part, Alain, it seemed, is (was) too dull to have any connection to an international terrorist organization or a global terrorist plot. But then again, so was Richter. Both men lived what appears to have been incredibly committed and dutiful lives. Without the Stadium Island tragedy, they would have passed through life entirely unknown and unremarkable.

It was a journalist friend of mine, Chris Chavez, who suggested Alain Hague might not be as squeaky clean (or as painfully dull) as I thought. Hague, it seems, is more than just the only child of a vaguely political, overly wealthy family. He is the only child of a vaguely political, overly wealthy Bilderberg Group family, a highly secretive society that many have accused of political and economic puppeteering since the late 1960s. Naturally, being such a secretive society, little is known about them, let alone the specifics of the Hagues’ involvement. Regardless, the finding is odd. A man with ties to a highly exclusive and secretive political organization somehow being closely related to one of the greatest tragedies the world has ever seen…it does not sound coincidental.

I have emailed Mr. White to see what J&D knew about Mr. Hague’s past. Waiting for his response…


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