Great West China Cement Company Found Abandoned

The location of the Great West China Cement Company was discovered yesterday by a group of ProPublica journalists weeks after J&D reluctantly released the name of their now notorious cement vendor. Our own attempts at contacting the company were, at best, disappointing, if not maddening. The GWCCC compound was located in Kashgar, China with all equipment, machines and assets still on site. The only thing missing, actually, was the workers, and the only damage found was a small fire in an administrative office that just so happened to contain all the human resource documents for the entire company — including its list of employees.

Our response to these findings, much like ProPublica’s, has been, essentially, what the hell? 

Investigations are being made into what happened on the compound and where (and who) the employees are. But either way, the situation does not bode well for J&D, who has repeatedly claimed no knowledge of Richter’s actions, and yet knew enough to keep journalists and authorities from discovering the GWCCC compound before it could be scrubbed clean. J&D has yet to make an official statement, and Mr. White has yet to return any of our emails.

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