The Unfortunate Truth About Charles Richter

We’ve come to this. For two months now we’ve been digging into Charles Richter’s past, trying to find a way of either proving his guilt or innocence, trying to follow his rabbit hole deeper and deeper into the events that led to August 12th.

In the past week we have talked to two of Richter’s old girlfriends, Lauren Williams and Suzanne Pats. We’ve visited one of his childhood friends, a man who now calls himself Morbus Iff (for reasons we can’t explain). And we’ve emailed back and forth with more than a few of his past employers. The fact is, there is not a single notable thing about Charles Richter’s life, and certainly nothing that would lead anyone to believe he could have been involved in one of the worst terrorist attacks in world history.

Could such a normal life have lead to such an abnormal event?

Perhaps my obsession with proving Charles’s innocence is actually my obsession with proving the innocence of mankind as a whole. I want to believe that evil work is done by evil men. That the majority of us are good people trying to live good lives trying not to blow up stadiums. If Charles is guilty, what does that say about the rest of us?

But — and here is the unfortunate truth about Charles Richter — his story remains a mystery, lost in ashes and debris of Olympic Stadium. Perhaps the only person who can prove Charles Richter’s innocence is Charles Richter himself, the only problem is no one can find him, and it’s unlikely he will emerge any time soon. Despite our digging, our questioning, our obsession, we have been unable to clear Richter’s name. Hard work is not always rewarded. Some mysteries remain mysteries forever. At least for now, we are going to have to put this one to rest.

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