Peace Marches Begin Worldwide

Today, nine weeks after the Olympic attacks, Islamic groups worldwide initiated a series of marches that will take place throughout the week as a gesture of goodwill and humanity. These marches are significant. So significant we are skipping our usual week in review article to let you know about them, should you want to take part or observe a march near your city.

Since the day of the attacks, all eyes have turned not only to the Middle East but to anyone of Middle Eastern decent or Islamic faith. It’s not uncommon for the majority to be persecuted for the actions of the few, but these marches have been initiated with the hope that such persecution could end. In fact, I see it as an act of extreme humility that Muslims would essentially be apologizing for an act they did not commit to make peace with people who have shown them nothing but hatred.

These marches are a chance to rise above our tragedy. And, frankly, to rise above ourselves.

The group responsible for organizing these marches released this statement last week: “All are welcome to join as we march for peace. We are all brothers and sisters, all equally affected by the tragedies that have occurred, and all equally capable of building a better future for our children.”

The marches are scheduled to begin this evening.

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