Riots Erupt at Peace Walks Around the World

Just when our faith in humanity was about to be restored, just when it started looking like we were moving past our differences and toward some sort of reconciliation, this had to happen.

The chaos started at a peace walk in Paris. As is usually the case with crowd violence, the origin of the outbreak is unknown and reports of the incident are wildly various, but what we do know is that soon after mile two, something went wrong. Some reports claim a group of onlookers began throwing stones. Some claim shots were fired. One reporter saw a gang of teenagers wearing grey hoodies flinging empty beer bottles off a balcony. Needless to say, the situation devolved.

The truly terrible thing is that while Paris was the first peace walk to turn violent, it was not the only. Just a few hours later, similar outbreaks occurred at fifteen different walks around the world and have not let up. The chaos rivals that of the initial riots following the attack. These, however, feel much worse. Worse because of the context (an attempt at peace turned into an exhibition of violence) and worse also because of the fatigue. We’ve seen this all before, and the thought of going through it again is exhausting.

A source in New York has reported that Aadil Faraj, the organizer of the peace walks, was killed in the Manhattan riots, one of thirteen reported deaths in the United States, and one of hundreds around the globe.

With the world already teetering on the edge of global war, chaos incited by a few boys in hoodies may be the end of us.

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