Peace Walk Riots Continue

Riots that began yesterday in a handful of cities continue to spread around the world. On a very micro level, east and west have already divided themselves within individual cities, but the totality of the riots is now causing that rift to extend, pushing us that much closer to global conflict. It’s anyone’s guess what effect a declaration of war would have on these cities. It’s possible, I suppose, that war could unite them under a nationalistic banner. As the saying goes, nothing unites like a common enemy.

And so, strangely, it could be that war is the only chance the world has of pulling itself together. Better a world split down the middle than broken into a million pieces.

If an east vs. west conflict truly does break out in the coming days it will be the culmination of nine weeks of brewing tensions and hostilities and what now feels like an inevitable progression toward all-out global war. Despite Hand of Peace being the catalyst, they are now all but forgotten, a token in a war that harkens back to centuries of grievances. It is easy to forget that this has been brought upon us. And like we speculated early on, that the true agenda of Hand of Peace was perhaps much larger than what now feels like a mere stadium. A global war would dwarf the tragedy at Olympic Stadium and redefine not only our lives but our world.

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