A Letter from Geoff Ice

We recently received the following letter from Geoff Ice, except it’s not a letter to us: It’s a letter to you.   - The Editor

Dear Readers,

Music, like most forms of art, is an excellent means to escape the realities around us. In the darkest of times, music can be the light of hope that cuts through the pain of tragedy. Music is essentially an extension of an emotion, and like all good art, music should make you feel something. When you attend a live concert there is a huge sense of connection to the people around you as everyone experiences the same emotional highs and lows. In the aftermath of such a monumental tragedy it is important to cling to hope as a nation and as a world. Music can be the tool that heals the world.

Music is not just a means to escape pain, but can also be a tool to mourn. If you are a guy like me, you may have a difficult time dealing with tragedy. I personally go numb when things are bad. When one of my close personal friends passed away unexpectedly in a freak car accident I had no way to respond to what I was hearing. I went numb. I felt isolated from all the people around me who were crying. I knew I was upset and I wanted to cry, but nothing would happen. It wasn’t until later that night as I drove home listening to Sigur Ros’ album Parenthesis that I was able to come to grips with my emotions as cry. Mourning should be natural, but sometimes it takes music to really feel that connection. In the midst of tragedy I encourage you to use music to mourn, but I also beg you to use music to see the hope. Life will go on.


Geoff Ice


Geoff Ice is the bass player for Green River Ordinance. Follow them on the web: www.greenriverordinance.com, or on twitter: @GRO, or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gromusic

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