Interview with J&D Consulting

After months of trying to weasel our way into an interview with J&D Consulting, we finally got our foot in the door late last week. Too late, though, it seems, as J&D has done a slick job setting up a shield between themselves and the media — a shield by the name of Caleb White.

Mr. White is the clean shaven, close-cropped, Express-shirt-wearing PR representative who offered to video chat with us over Skype, an offer we readily accepted, thinking him to be a Vice President of this or Director of that, but not, as it turned out, a “Liaison.” Regardless, we drilled him with our questions because, well, we needed to publish something.

Broadside: Thanks for meeting with us, Caleb. If you don’t mind, let’s get right into it. J&D has openly blamed Charles Richter for the tragedy at Olympic Stadium, claiming he was acting on his own and without J&D’s knowledge. Is it really possible that J&D would be unaware of what was going on with their own project?

CW: Great question. Thought provoking. What happened on Stadium Island was a tragedy on par with any in history. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families and those affected. Charles Richter was the Senior Project Manger in charge of construction and, yes, we believe that it was him and him alone who was working with Hand of Peace to orchestrate these attacks.

Broadside: And who did Richter report to? Who was he hiding these activities from?

CW: Charles Richter reported to Alain Hague, a Senior Executive here at J&D. Unfortunately, Mr. Hague was lost in the tragedy.

Broadside: And there’s no evidence that Alain was involved as well? No evidence that he was aware of Richter’s activities?

CW: Our internal investigations all lead to Richter’s being responsible. We believe he had been involved with Hand of Peace long before joining J&D Consulting and that he sought out his position here solely for the purpose of the attack. I assure you Mr. Hague’s reputation and credentials were second to none upon his hiring.

Broadside: Is there any information you could send me on Alain Hague? His company bio? Something like that.

CW: I would be happy to provide that information to you.

Broadside: And then of course there’s the cement. Most people believe the cement within the Stadium’s pilings was explosive. Is Charles Richter the only man in your organization who was aware of this?

CW: The investigation with Great West China Cement Company is ongoing. We don’t have any details at this time. What I can tell you is that Charles Richter was solely responsible for selecting and monitoring each and every supplier, GWCCC included.

Broadside: We’ve tried contacting them as well but there doesn’t seem to be anyone responding to inquiries, just some automated message. Does J&D stand behind their choice to hire Great West China Cement Company as a major supplier?

CW: Again, the investigation is ongoing. I assure you we are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of things. Is there anything else I can answer for you?

Broadside: Apparently not.

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September 23rd — 29th: Week in Review

This past week we continued our investigations into the truth behind the London attacks and Charles Richter. Unfortunately, the truth is hard to come by. It is buried, hidden, forgotten or erased. You not only have to find it, you have to reconstruct it. Being a reporter, it turns out, is hard work.

We talked with a London street artist, our Anonymous Source, and the company who manufactured the concrete for Olympic Stadium (the concrete, as you know, is now in question after traces of explosive substances having been found in its debris) but I still don’t feel we are any closer to knowing the truth.

All these threads keep coming up short, as if they were cut from the spool. And that, strangely, is what I find encouraging. The very fact of how difficult it is to find any logical explanation for these things is the best proof I have that we are onto something, that we are digging in the right places, that certain things have been covered up and, so, are worth discovering. We have other reasons to believe this as well, but the time is not right.

We are getting close.

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Guide to Surviving the Next World War

Okay, world war isn’t really the right term. Not as we’ve understood it. In the grand old days, nation states went to war with other nation states via officially malignant declarations.

Posturing on the global stage, saber rattling and dropping turds in the UN punchbowl haven’t been put completely behind us. But these days global war has taken a new and nasty twist. However you label or define it, humans have turned violently against each other all over the world. So World War III doesn’t seem so far off after all.

Anywho, we here at the Broadside, being the helpful chaps we are, continue to look out for our readers (just as you have looked out for us). So with somber tongue in cheek, we offer our guide to surviving the current global atmosphere.

1.) If you don’t live on a farm or a ranch, start stockpiling cans of beanie weenies and crates of Twinkies. I’ve personally proven a human can live on nothing but these two items for at least 134 days.

2.) Keep personal devices charged at all times. The days of running your iPhone down to nothing before plugging it in are behind us. With electricity as spotty as it’s been, that sort of behavior is riskier than camping in bacon pants.

3.) While we’re on the subject of electricity. Access to steady AC/DC (or at least Aerosmith) is a good thing. If you’ve got gasoline, an automobile and a car adaptor will work in a pinch. But acquiring or building a generator is best. Something as simple as an old tractor can be turned into a top notch, gas-powered generator with a few tools and a redneck. (Check local listings for redneck availability, some areas not covered.)

4.) Most people are pacifists in their heart of hearts. But it only takes one violent jerk to put you off humanity for good. So the safest policy is to simply avoid people. Use this opportunity to get in touch with your creator God via mountain retreat. Or take that family vacation to the middle of nowhere. If anyone you know well is operating a compound or cult group, sign up for “just visiting” status.

5.) Finally, remember to pass the dutchie on the left hand side, and take a moment to hunt down that lost shaker of salt. Don’t worry, be happy. After all, terrorism only works if you allow yourself to be terrorized. Hey, we all knew the ride couldn’t last forever, so make it a good one. There is something to be said for short and sweet. And a good death is truly worth a dozen good lives.

During these terribly difficult times, we here are the Broadside continue to wish you all Godspeed.


David has published non-fiction as well as novels, shorts and novellas within the Lost DMB Files universe. Feel free to Google, poke, fan or like him, but do it fast before he’s disappeared by the FBI. (After that all inquires will have to be sent through the Dept. of Homeland Security.)

Raised in Central Texas, David Mark Brown learned to ride horses at a young age. Then learned to hate them after a disastrous attempt to impress a girlfriend. He was five. 

Turning instead to a life of poetry and prose he eventually migrated north to the University of Montana (the Berkeley of the Rockies) and became the Redneck Granola. Falling in love with a chainsaw wielding mountain woman forced him to reconsider his chosen career path–Hemingway on a sailboat. Instead he illuminated the path of life to college students as a spiritual guide for over a dozen years while his wife (now a pharmacist) squirreled away enough acorns for David to embrace the sultry world of commercial fiction.

David still rides horses, but only in black and never for fun.

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Second Meeting with Anonymous Source

I called up Anonymous Source to see if we could once again meet for coffee. I wanted to talk to her about some new information we’d uncovered. I wanted to see what she thought of everything J&D has been saying about Charles. I wanted to get to the bottom of something (anything).

But when I met with her, something had changed. The last time we’d spoken, she was calm, casual, helpful, (charming). Now she was guarded. Quiet. Terse. Her whole demeanor was unnerving.

When I asked her about the new information, she blinked, sipped her coffee, and then got up to leave. “If I were you,” she said, “I would pretend I’d never heard any of that.” When I tried emailing her a few days later, she responded only to say, “Please stop contacting me.” When I called her the next day (a mistake probably), her number had been disconnected.

It is possible we have stumbled onto something larger and more dangerous than we really know what to do with. We are, after all, barely professionals. And yet putting it aside doesn’t seem like an option. Anonymous Source’s reaction makes me think certain information we’ve found may actually be true. And if so, we now have reason to believe Charles Richter may, in fact, be innocent.


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Letter from a Conspiracy Theorist

From time to time, the Broadside likes to publish the opinions of people no one else really cares about or takes very seriously. We do this for a couple reasons, but mostly because they’re funny. The following has been transcribed verbatim from a handwritten note we received last week:

Dear the Brodside [sic],

It’s obvious what’s going on here. It’s been obvious for years and no one wants to admit it. Have we forgotten our history, our past, our roots? You think that every time something explodes humans were behind it?

I’m only going to say this once: Aleins [sic].

We’re blaming each other, finding “answers”, charging up nuclular missiles [sic], and the whole time the aliens are up there laughing their blue butts off.

Alls I meant to convey to you is that you and your hole publication [sic] are a bunches [sic] of morons for ignoring the obvious and refusing to publish facts.  Please cancel my subscription immediately and refund as much of my money that you has as you can is possible [sic?].



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Interview with a Guy at a Cement Company in China

Regardless of Richter’s guilt, regardless of J&D’s involvement, the fact remains that a stadium was brought down and no one knows exactly how. The government’s review of the footage and the remains of the stadium has led them to believe Hand of Peace used concrete laced with explosives to demolish Olympic Stadium. Traces of substances called Glyceryl Azide Polymer and Hexanitro have been found in certain samples of concrete. These two substances, when mixed together, can be highly (highly) explosive. It’s difficult, however, for authorities to determine what samples came from where amongst the heaps of rubble, though most believe these are from the stadium’s pilings.

While J&D Consulting initially refused to disclose their various suppliers, suspicions about the concrete has forced them to release the name of at least one vendor — The Great West China Cement Company, whom I recently reached out to for an interview. The following took place over email:

Broadside: There have obviously been a lot of rumors/suspicions flying around about the concrete your company provided for Olympic Stadium. How do you explain the explosive materials found in the wreckage.

GWCCC: Due to the high volume of inquiries, we are unable to respond immediately to your request. Please allow 1 to 2 business weeks for a reply. Thank you for your patience.

Broadside: Was Hand of Peace involved in the production of the stadium’s pilings?

GWCCC: Due to the high volume of inquiries, we are unable to respond immediately to your request. Please allow 1 to 2 business weeks for a reply. Thank you for your patience.

Broadside: Riddle me this. Why would J&D Consulting choose your company over so many better, more convenient, more established concrete suppliers? And why can no paperwork be found for your transactions? And why is no one answering my phone calls? And why can’t anyone seem to find an actual address for where your concrete is produced?

GWCCC: Due to the high volume of inquiries, we are unable to respond immediately to your request. Please allow 1 to 2 business weeks for a reply. Thank you for your patience.


Don Lawrence is a full-time journalist and a part-time poet. He lives in Chicago. 

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Richter Re-examined

The case against Charles Richter is more or less closed. At least for most of the world. All signs point to him. And whether or not the accusations are grounded, the fact remains that Richter was the Senior Project Manager, that he was responsible for the construction of Olympic Stadium, and that the stadium did collapse.


We now have reason to believe Richter might not be as easy/convenient a scapegoat as he’s been made out to be. We’ve come across new (unverified/unconfirmed/unreliable) information that there could be more to all this than we’ve been led to believe.

As you might remember, we had reached out to Elaine Richter, a previous contributor to the Broadside and sister to Charles Richter, in hopes of learning more about her brother. I’m sorry to say we have recently learned of her death. Some digging revealed just one local story about a Paris-based journalist drowned amongst the local riots. The report claimed she was intoxicated. We now have reason to believe she wasn’t. In fact, we now have reason to believe a lot of things that we must, for now, refrain from publishing.

The search for Charles Richter continues, albeit with minimal (read: no) results. After finding evidence that Richter left Olympic Stadium before its destruction, authorities have gone silent about their search. Most of us take that silence to mean they haven’t found anything yet.

Suffice to say there is more going on here than we’ve been told. It might be time to reach out once again to a certain Anonymous Source.

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Interview with a Street Artist

While Hand of Peace continues to be a ghost for authorities around the world, they apparently farm out at least some of their dirty work to ordinary, work-a-day Joes. Joes like the 19-year-old street artist arrested in London last week after being identified on a security tape. Joe (not his real name (or is it?)) has now fessed up to tagging at least 30 different Hand of Peace insignias around London in the days leading up to the attacks. The following truncated interview took place over a shaky phone connection with Isis prison in southeast London.

Broadside: So…um… how are conditions at Isis?

Joe: Fine.

Broadside: Oh cool.


Broadside: What was that?

Joe: I didn’t say anything.

Broadside: Oh.


Broadside: So. Can you tell us how this all came about? How you ended up getting involved with Hand of Peace?

Joe: I wouldn’t say I’m involved with Hand of Peace. Actually I really shouldn’t say anything like that at all actually. Someone was offering cash for every tag. Everyone knew about it. Every street artist I mean. It was just a way of picking up some money on the side. We’d tag something, take a picture as proof, collect ten pounds. Simple as that. We were all doing it. It was money.

Broadside: So the man offering the money. Did you meet him?

Joe: Of course I met him. Just some guy. Probably wouldn’t recognize him if I saw him again. And they were probably just paying him same way he was paying us. I mean he was probably nobody. Made more money tagging hands than I’d make doing anything else, working a job. Listen there’s… [static]…told us…[static]…something or other…[static]…cking questions?

Broadside: Um…

Joe: [disconnected]

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September 16th — 22nd: Week in Review

Let’s recap, shall we. We’ve spent the past week pitting the Middle East Vs. American West in the most arbitrary of match-ups, exploring cuisine, geography, topography, and pop culture, all the while ignoring any and all newsworthy events happening the world-over. Why have we done this? Why have we put the news on hold for an entire week just to have fun? Why have we made a mockery of one of the biggest world events to unfold this century?

Well, because we can. And because the truth is, this past week was rather dull. In contrast to what we’ve seen over the past two months, the world today (and I mean “today” literally) is pretty boring. Sure there are riots, rumors of war, etc, but nothing nearly so grand or attention grabbing as a massive terrorist attack or live executions. To make up for this lack of entertainment value, many news outlets have taken to re-airing footage of the attacks. Analyzing it. Reanalyzing it. Calling in experts to watch the footage frame by frame. In times like these, it’s never more obvious that the whole world is either in the business of entertaining or of being entertained.

That said, we have some interesting stuff coming your way this week. An interview with one of the London street artists responsible for tagging Hand of Peace on buildings, a letter from an honest-to-god conspiracy theorist, and, um, more.

Thanks for sticking with the Broadside. We try not to let you down.

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Best of the Middle East: Part 2

My list Tuesday was by no means comprehensive. It could go on — and, in fact, it will. Just because we’re probably going to war with the Middle East doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate some truly fantastic things about their culture. My list continues today with…

Five more fantastic things about the Middle East:

1.     Aladdin was from the Middle East

…and Aladdin was awesome.

2.     The Sahara

The Sahara is huge. Really huge. Its legend is, well, legendary. In Arabic, its name literally means “the Great Desert” and it covers more than 3.5 million square miles. (So freaking huge.)

3.     Kite Wars

Truth be told, I’m not sure these actually happen, but that book Kite Runner sure was awesome.

4.     Camels

And that somehow brings me to camels: nature’s way of saying it’s okay to be ugly as long as you can walk really far.

5.     My next door neighbor is from the Middle East

…and my next door neighbor is cool. We play Settlers of Catan every Wednesday night, and he’s the best player I know. Also, he has a swimming pool.


Franki Strands has travelled extensively. He is a lover of many fine things. His work has been published extensively on Youtube.

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